Trigger Point Injections

What is a Trigger Point?

It is an involuntary contraction or spasm in the muscle which causes the area to become tender and to radiate pain elsewhere in the body.

What is a Trigger Point Injection?

It is an injection of anesthetic (typically lidocaine) directly into the “knots” in the affected muscles. This inactivates the trigger point and, therefore, alleviates the pain. If necessary, multiple sites can receive trigger point injections in one appointment.

How did I develop Trigger Points?

They are typically caused by injury to or overuse of the affected muscle; they can also be caused by stress and anxiety.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Everyone is different. Your provider creates a customized plan based on the number of trigger points you have as well as your pain level. If they reoccur in the same spot then you may require more treatment.

Does Insurance Pay For Treatment?

Yes, many insurance plans cover the treatment of Trigger Points, but this depends on your specific health plan. For example, Medicare covers the treatment of Trigger Points.

How do I know if I’m a candidate for this treatment?

Trigger Point injections may be right for you if your pain has not improved with other conservative treatments. If so, a simple evaluation with one of our practitioners will confirm if you are a candidate for this therapy.

Are the Treatments Safe?

Yes, they are safe with very few side effects.

Patients may experience temporary soreness or numbness (due to the lidocaine) at the injection site. All risk factors are discussed with the patient before any treatments are given at our office.

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