Thyroid Issues

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Thyroid disorders are often called the invisible diseases. They create a myriad of symptoms, but are often overlooked and remain undiagnosed.

At Nova Integrated Health, we use natural protocols to help thyroid patients feel better and live healthier, more joyful lives. These protocols include Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrigenomics, and state of the art therapies.

Our nurse practitioner can also look at current medications and appropriately adjust or add anything that would benefit thyroid function and health.

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What makes our approach different for people that suffer from thyroid disease?

Comprehensive blood testing (Functional Medicine):

We run a full array (9 different markers) for thyroid function that includes T3 and thyroid anti-bodies. We also look at laboratory testing with a lot more scrutiny. There is a big difference in what is considered “lab normal” and what we use, which is “functionally normal.” The "functional normal" is what I would refer to as the optimal range. TSH is the perfect example. Lab normal for TSH is typically 0.5-5.5. In order for the body to function at a maximum level, TSH should be between 1.50 and 3.0. Running comprehensive testing and using the functional ranges allows us to identify areas of concern earlier on for a patient.

Regenerative cell therapy:

We have a secret weapon when it comes to autoimmune issues. Regenerative cells have shown the ability to bring the immune system into equilibrium when the body continues to attack and destroy its own tissues. If we can stop your body from fighting itself, we can reach another level of healing.

Evaluation of ALL SYSTEMS involved in thyroid function:

We assess and look for underlying factors that are affecting the health of the thyroid. There are many factors that can affect thyroid function (watch my videos!). The liver, gut, adrenal glands, pituitary, and immune system all play a role in making the thyroid work as it should. This is why a simple TSH cannot tell the whole story!

Genetic Analysis (Clinical Nutrigenomics):

We run comprehensive genetic testing that can expose where our patients have genetic vulnerability that can lead to auto-immune thyroid disease, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety. The amazing part about genetics is that once we know someone's genetic vulnerabilities, we can customize an approach specific to the individual's needs allowing their body to heal.

No two patients are the same, and it is always our goal to dig into the unique characteristics of every patient's health history and develop a comprehensive approach to healing!