If you are having knee/joint pain, this facility is a must try. The staff and technicians are first class. The procedure is painless and quick. The results are amazing and a great alternative to joint surgery. This is a top shelf organization and I highly recommend it.
The staff was friendly and accommodating. They answered all my questions. The procedure was not painful and I have had pain relief in both my knees. I would recommend to anyone with pain in their knees and wanting relief without surgery.
Laura H.
Dr. Taylor and his staff were absolutely incredible. I have had some neuropathy on my shin as a result from a past surgery (unrelated to Nova) and the injections I have gotten from Nova have helped tremendously. Thank you guys, my pain is subsiding and livable now.
Scott S.
Staff are very professional and friendly. Listen to the patient and work to ease the pain in my knees. Would like to have had pt appointments instead of on own.
Richard W.
Very knowledgeable staff, excellent care and fabulous results from the treatment! No surgery needed to relieve the pain in my knee!
Lisa G.
Wonderful staff! After receiving services for both knees I have enjoyed reduced pain. I would highly recommend as a way to avoid surgery.
Carla K.
It’s been six month’s since I had treatment on my right knee. I was sure it helped and still think my right knee is better but haven’t been doing the exercises as instructed.
Mike B.
Excellent Professional service with Supreme staff!!! They took my pain level to almost Zero! Mobility is back to normal! Returned my quality of life to Amazing! Thank You!!!
Mark C.
My right knee responded well to the hyaluronic acid injected. I have not had to return for more injections.
Frances W.