What makes our treatment for Neuropathy so much different than all the rest?


Our professional staff has a combined experience of over 14 years treating Neuropathy.

Treatment Options

We use Electrical Cell Signaling (ESC) technology. This proven system has clinically been shown to regrow nerve tissue.

Medical Clinic

Your care will be prescribed by a medical professional. Our medical professionals will oversee every aspect of your care at our office.

Advanced Procedures

Because we have medical professionals on staff. We are able to perform advanced therapies that other offices simply cannot.

These therapies are:

Balance and Gait Training

Our office will perform testing to see if you qualify for a referral for Balance and Gait Training. The biggest thing missing from all the other Neuropathy programs is teaching the patient to walk once they can feel their feet again and correcting their balance issues.

Maintenance Program

This consists of therapies the patient can do at home. We love our patients, but we know you don’t want to come to our office for the rest of your life. Because of this, we have developed maintenance programs to help patients continue to heal at home and maintain their progress.

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