Knee Pain

Knee Pain

If you’re suffering from chronic knee pain, then Nova Integrated Health has treatment options that will help you get your life back again! Osteoarthritis, or wear and tear of the knees, leads to pain, stiffness, swelling, and instability in the joints.

Our patients want to avoid endless cortisone shots and dangerous medications. Most of all, they want to avoid having to undergo knee replacement surgery. Our number one focus is helping our patients get back to doing what they love most and enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

At Nova Integrated Health we’ve developed our proprietary methods as a comprehensive solution for those suffering from knee pain and arthritis.

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Joint fluid therapy or viscosupplementation injections are performed under precision imaging guidance so we know we’re targeting precisely the right area. This advanced medical process serves to add cushioning fluid back into the knee, re-lubricating the joint like oil for a squeaky hinge. Even more exciting, these FDA cleared injections can actually help your knees stimulate more of their own natural synovial fluid, giving you long-term benefits and relief.

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger Point Injections can be used to treat chronic muscle pain that contributes to joint pain and a different variety of chronic pain issues. A trigger point is an involuntary contraction or spasm in the muscle which causes the area to become tender and to radiate pain to different areas of the body. These are typically caused by injury to or overuse of the affected muscle; they can also be caused by stress and anxiety. Many times we will see multiple trigger points in chronic joint pain patients due to the change in biomechanical function that is produced with these issues. The treatment of these trigger points is an injection of anesthetic (typically lidocaine) directly into the “knots” in the affected muscles. This inactivates the trigger point and, therefore, alleviates the pain. If necessary, multiple sites can receive trigger point injections in one appointment.

Platelet Injections

Platelet Injections treatment takes the patient’s blood and re-introduces the concentrated blood platelets from the patient into areas of chronic joint deterioration/pain. Your blood platelets contain growth factors. When concentrated through simple centrifuging, your blood plasma becomes “rich” in healing factors, thus the name Platelet Injections. Platelets play a central role in wound/injury healing. The procedure and preparation of therapeutic doses of growth factors consist of an autologous blood collection (blood from the patient), plasma separation (blood is centrifuged), and application of the plasma rich in growth factors (injecting the plasma into the areas of concern).

Perineurla Injection Therapy (PIT)

Perineural injection therapy treats inflamed and injured nerves. Chronic nerve pain is often due to trauma, peripheral nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy), arthritis, sports, overuse, occupational, and surgical injuries.

With the nerve being injured, it continues to send a pain message to the brain even though the nerve is not being stimulated by pain. This creates a “short circuit” much like an open wire lying on the floor with electricity flowing through it. The substances that cause pain also prevent tissues such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments from healing. The term used to describe these inflamed nerves is called neurogenic inflammation. 

PIT is aimed at stopping this neurogenic inflammation which will decrease pain and allow your body to heal itself.

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