Knee Pain

Knee Pain

If you’re suffering from chronic knee pain, then Nova Integrated Health has treatment options that will help you get your life back again! Osteoarthritis, or wear and tear of the knees, leads to pain, stiffness, swelling, and instability in the joints.

Our patients want to avoid endless cortisone shots and dangerous medications. Most of all, they want to avoid having to undergo knee replacement surgery. Our number one focus is helping our patients get back to doing what they love most and enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

At Nova Integrated Health we’ve developed our proprietary methods as a comprehensive solution for those suffering from knee pain and arthritis.

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Joint fluid therapy, or viscosupplementation injections are performed under precision imaging guidance so we know we’re targeting precisely the right area. This advanced medical process serves to add cushioning fluid back into the knee, re-lubricating the joint like oil for a squeaky hinge. Even more exciting, these FDA cleared injections can actually help your knees stimulate more of their own natural synovial fluid, giving you long-term benefit and relief.


This procedure can be combined with our regenerative joint injections that contain both Accelerate GF and Mesenchymal Stem Cell Exosomes.


Accelerate GF is a proprietary activator/aggregator formulation developed by Plasma Solutions specifically for deriving an injectable platelet concentrate with a high concentration of PRP, PPP, Growth Factors, Proteins and Fibrinogen in high concentrations. These all work together to facilitate the healing of soft tissue, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints.


Most people with knee pain have heard of stem cell therapy, and they wonder if it could be an option to help them avoid surgery and get out of pain. While it can be very effective, stem cell therapy involves the invasive harvesting of bone marrow or fat tissue, which carries a risk of infection or other side effects. More importantly, as you age the potency of your stem cells decreases, and it becomes more difficult to achieve the desired healing outcomes.


Exosomes, on the other hand, are the particles secreted by stem cells that direct your body’s own cartilage-producing cells (chondrocytes) and healing factors to migrate to an area. Think of them like a giant flag telling your body that the problem is over here, send help now! Exosomes are sterile and harvested in an FDA registered tissue bank, so they represent a highly safe and effective option to provide you with the knee pain relief you deserve! By injecting high concentrations of the exosomes secreted by stem cells, we can provide concentrated healing power without the risk, high cost, and controversy of traditional stem cell therapy.

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