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Chiropractic was founded around the principle that the nervous system collaborates and directs all function in the body. When the vertebrae become subluxated (misaligned), they can cause pressure to the nerves since the spinal cord is housed in the vertebral column and the spinal nerves come off of the cord and go through the vertebrae to innervate all things in your body. This pressure will then decrease the function of the nerve and therefore whatever organ, tissue, or cell that it communicates with.

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The pressure that we talk about can be thought of as a “pinched nerve,” but in reality that doesn’t actually happen very often. Usually, what is occurring is the inflammation in the joint is causing pressure to the nerve or decreasing its function. Think of it this way - when you sprain your ankle, it becomes big (inflammation), red (inflammation), and swollen (edema). This is a protective mechanism that your body puts in place so that it stabilizes the joint to avoid further injury. Your spine does the same thing when you become subluxated (misaligned) and that is what causes the dysfunction to occur.

The dysfunction that we talk about can be characterized by pain (inflammation and edema) that is produced with the injury or subluxation (misalignment). Now if the nervous system only controlled pain and that was it, the story would stop here; but, as you know, it controls everything in the body. So if you have injury to the nerve, it will also cause dysfunction in whatever tissue it controls/innervates. That can range from IBS all the way to immune system function. The way to remedy these issues is a very specific chiropractic adjustment.

Through careful analysis of the spine and examination, which may include x-rays, we can determine where the areas of dysfunction are and correct them with very specific adjustments. These adjustments correct the subluxation (misalignment) that is causing the pain and dysfunction and, when corrected, the process of inflammation goes away, allowing the body to heal and restore normal function of nerve and tissue.

Nova Integrated health - Neuropathy specialist, foot pain, knee pain, nerve pain, pain clinic - Des Moines, Iowa