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About Nova Integrated Health

Nova Integrated Health was founded with a singular goal. Helping people that no one else can help. Most of our patients have already been through the medical merry-go-round with little to no help and are looking for answers to their chronic health issues. Those issues can range from wanting to avoid joint replacement, peripheral neuropathy, autoimmune issues, low thyroid function, etc. We pledge this to each and every patient that walks through our doors: We will do everything possible to figure out what is causing your chronic issue and help support your body to achieve healing through natural protocols.

Providing you with the best physicians for the best care

Martin VanZee, DO
Medical Director 
Taylor Vanden Wynboom, D.C.
Chiropractor & Clinic Operations
Amanda Vanden Wynboom, ARNP
Nurse Practitioner
Lindsay Maxwell, ARNP
Nurse Practitioner 

Nova Integrated health - Neuropathy specialist, foot pain, knee pain, nerve pain, pain clinic - Des Moines, Iowa

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